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Thank You

Today there's been a lot of tweets in my timeline complaining of a downturn in net industry friendliness. I must say this comes as a bit of a surprise because everyone I've encountered has been tip top. Perhaps I'm just naive, lucky or both. I'm a relentless optimist so I'm going for just plain old lucky. Lucky to have met and chatted with only the cream of the crop, to have somehow avoided the trolls and the boors that have afflicted others. So this is just a quick and heartfelt post to say thanks. Perhaps this would have been better-timed two weeks ago but hey, you live and learn.

I can't name everybody because it would take too long and I'd inevitably miss a few out, but you'll know who you are. If you're not sure, you're probably included anyway, so don't worry about it.

If I've met you or chatted with you in real life or online (even if it's just the odd tweet), if we've hung out, had drinks - thank you for being so friendly and open - I've probably made more friends in the last year than any other since I started at Uni. For someone who is naturally a bit shy that is a big thing. Let's not let a minority of idiots give us all a bad name.

If you've written articles or books, spoken, done podcasts, shared cool stuff you've made or just generally been a social media junkie - thank you for sharing your knowledge, your time and your passion. People like you are what attracted me to the industry in the first place, so please don't ever think your hard work isn't appreciated. Perhaps the silent majority need to speak up a bit more, which is part of my motivation for this post.


If you're doing positive things, keep doing them. Don't let what seems to be a relatively small number of people put you off. If you let them get to you, they've won and they'll keep on doing what they do, for whatever reason. Eventually we'll be left with nothing - a barren wasteland of negativity and loneliness, where once stood a verdant forest of shared experience and community spirit.

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  1. MrQwest on

    yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

    Completely agree with everything you’ve said Kris.

  2. Stace on

    This can absolutely be applied to my industry too, so bravo once again for a great post. A positive attitude improves EVERY aspect of life and is reflected in the people you gravitate to. Like attracts like, etc.

  3. Adam on

    Totally agree with you Kris, the community in this industry is what makes it what it is, I wouldn’t have grown half as much in my job or as a person if it weren’t for the people or the events that we have in this community!

  4. Sarah Parmenter on

    Thank you Kris, no one does anything for the kudos, everyone who is “well known” in the industry are there for the right reasons, but this is a really lovely token of appreciation.

  5. Jason Stone on

    Beautiful post Kris, put a smile on my face and I 100% agree with everything you said! :)

    Lets keep this forest flourishing!

  6. Kris on

    Thanks guys for the lovely comments. Feels good to have said what was on my mind!

    @Sarah you’re welcome! Perhaps I could have been clearer - I agree that the “well known” people aren’t just in it for the attention, I think they’re in such a position precisely because they do great things, it’s just a shame that a stupid minority take that position as an excuse to treat people differently.

    Anna Debenham’s comment about potentially not taking a speaking gig because of unpleasantness was upsetting for me because she does good work and to think that people (myself included) would be deprived of seeing her speak because of a few trolls is very sad indeed.

    Bottom line for me is that I am going to make a concerted effort to make sure people know they’re appreciated when it’s deserved, and hopefully if a few others do the same then the less-nice people won’t have so much of an effect.

  7. Sarah Parmenter on

    Thanks Chris, completely understood the intention of your post, was just clarifying for others that’s all.

    RE: Conference Speaking. Unfortunately it just boils down to human psychology, we can have 100 positives but remember the 1 negative. It’s just whether the benefits of conference speaking (which are very few) outweighs the hassle, so to speak, of having to deal with conference trolls. Without playing the female card, we do have another level of “comments” to deal with as well, where people think it’s perfectly acceptable to comment on the way we look as well as what we have to say, which the male speakers never seem to get.

  8. Kris on

    @Sarah cool, I thought that might be the case - you gave me some more ideas anyway so killed two birds with one stone!

    I see your point re: speaking and the weighing-up - it must be very disheartening after putting yourself in such a vulnerable position to then see the trolling comments. Good old psychology eh ;)

    And yeah, the “female-oriented” comments are shameful in the extreme - no-one deserves to be demoted to just a piece of meat. I wonder how those people would feel if they presented their life’s work and all anyone talked about was their hair? Maybe another blog post for another time, but I can still hope never to have to write it…

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    Kris Noble for being a random traveling buddy (or is he actually stalking me?) and general friendly face at all manner of events. And for not whinging after accidentally stealing his idea.

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